Verbruggen Gommaire Impresses with His Yearling Pigeons!

On Saturday, May 27th, the long-awaited first national pigeon race from Bourges (Vierzon) took place. This prestigious flight attracted the attention of pigeon enthusiasts from across the country. With a total of 39,842 pigeons entered, including 21,087 old pigeons and 18,755 yearlings, it became an exciting competition among the participating fanciers.

Although some of our local enthusiasts were in top form leading up to this national flight, the expectations were generally not exceptionally high due to the predicted wind direction. Nevertheless, this didn't deter the pigeon fanciers from taking on the challenge and confidently sending their pigeons into the race.

It was a day filled with tension and anticipation as pigeon lovers across the country scanned the sky, hoping to catch the first glimpse of the returning champions. The predicted wind direction provided little hope for achieving an early national clocking. There were discussions among enthusiasts that this national flight in our region might not go as smoothly...

Despite the initially discouraging wind direction for our fanciers, many pigeons managed to find their way back to their lofts smoothly, astonishing their owners in the process. Given the circumstances, the course of this national flight went very smoothly!

In the pigeon racing world, Verbruggen Gommaire from Scherpenheuvel raised eyebrows by achieving an impressive 36th place at the national level with his yearling pigeon BE-22-2066003. This performance is particularly remarkable considering the predicted wind and conditions!

As a true master in the world of pigeon racing, Verbruggen Gommaire has achieved national glory from Bourges in zone B4. His yearling pigeon distinguished itself and achieved a top result, proving that Verbruggen possesses exceptional qualities as a pigeon fancier. Didn't we already write down that Verbruggen would outperform everyone and have early pigeons on the result list?

However, Verbruggen's successes are not limited to a single pigeon. Remarkably, he managed to clock an impressive 10 yearlings in the top 100 nationally in Bourges zone B4. This demonstrates an extraordinary level of consistency and craftsmanship in his lofts.

In recent weeks, Verbruggen's form and that of his pigeons had been clearly visible. The achieved results spoke volumes and hinted at something extraordinary to come. Nevertheless, Verbruggen exceeded all expectations, delivering a national performance that no one saw coming, not even Verbruggen himself!

Zone B4 was already known for its strong competition, but Verbruggen managed to surprise even there. His excellent knowledge of pigeon racing, years of experience, and dedication have led to this unforgettable achievement.

While Verbruggen Gommaire from Scherpenheuvel attracted attention with his national triumph from Bourges in zone B4, there were other notable performances from local pigeon fanciers. Fellow resident Louis Verheyen also made an impression by clocking two yearlings in the top of the results in zone B4. Additionally, Vanwinkel Jef from Tielt-Winge confirmed his previous success in Sermaises by clocking early with both his old and yearling pigeons nationally in zone B4.

In the coming days, you can expect more information on our website about the performances and backgrounds of both Louis Verheyen and Vanwinkel Jef.