Verheyen Louis and Verbruggen Gommaire winners from Soissons 02/07.

The young pigeons of Louis Verheyen from Scherpenheuvel know the way back to their loft smoothly. Lowieke won the first and second prize locally against 196 young pigeons and clocked 11 young pigeons in the prizes of 20 basketed pigeons! On Samenspel Hageland this was good for the 3rd and 4th prize against 524 young pigeons, where Lowieke clocked 13 prizes of 20 basketed pigeons. Also on the flight from Momignies, Louis clocked early pigeons locally and on Samenspel Hageland.

Among the old pigeons, the victory on the local result was for Verbruggen Gommaire. Verbruggen plays strongly with his yearlings. Given the heavy races of the past weeks, however, Gommaire will not participate with his team of yearlings in the national flight from La Souterraine. In the corridors we hear that Verbruggen wants to participate again with old pigeons next season and compete for the victories.

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Naam schrijver: Buelens, Geert