August 5th: Bourges National for Young Pigeons.

The national flight for young pigeons from Bourges has undergone some adjustments in the flight calendar, which has somewhat influenced the expectations for the upcoming competition. These changes have been implemented after facing challenging flying conditions over the past two months. The Royal Belgian Pigeon Fanciers Association (KBDB) has thoughtfully adapted the calendar, ensuring that the original structure of the national flight schedule could be maintained. As a result, Bourges, initially scheduled for July 29th, was exclusively reserved for old and yearling pigeons, while the national flight for young pigeons is now set for August 5th. This adjustment allowed the rest of the national program to remain intact!

With the recent weather replacing the hot conditions, a more unpredictable pattern has emerged. This shift has led to local heavy rain showers occurring periodically. Despite these fluctuating weather conditions, pigeons from both speed and heavy 1/2 fond categories returned effortlessly to their lofts last weekend. This has facilitated the completion of races within a short timeframe. However, the long-distance flights last Sunday encountered more challenging circumstances.

Looking ahead to the upcoming national flight from Bourges, uncertainty remains regarding participants and favorites for local victory, and hopefully even an early national arrival. Nonetheless, a few pigeon enthusiasts have showcased remarkable form. Vandegaer Roger is a name that has already earned several first prizes en route to Bourges. Additionally, Vrancken Leon intends to participate in Bourges. Leon is renowned for achieving notable results with a limited number of pigeons. Nevertheless, we must not disregard the rest of the enthusiasts. The season so far has presented its challenges, and only those whose young pigeons are in prime condition will excel in this national flight.

For detailed information about prizes and guarantees for the national flight from Bourges for young pigeons, we invite interested parties to click here. It's important to note that enthusiasts wishing to participate in these national flights are obliged to register with the KBDB and provide the number of pigeons they intend to enter. For registrations and further details, please click here.

Naam schrijver: Buelens, Geert