Provisional Final Standings Championships Samenspel Hageland 2023

Samenspel Hageland has announced the results of their championships on their website. In response to requests from the local community, Samenspel Hageland has organized a FREE championship for all participants. Our participants have delivered excellent performances in these championships!

Outstanding Small Speed Championship: Vrancken Leon

Vrancken Leon from Scherpenheuvel was the absolute standout in the championships from Momignies. In these championships and ace pigeon competition, one can classify themselves a maximum of six times. However, Leon managed to classify himself five times among the champions from Momignies! A performance that is hard to match.

Results of Our Association

Several members of our association managed to place themselves in various championships of Samenspel Hageland. We have neatly arranged the results of the championships below. In the championships, there are five classified and three classified among the ace pigeons. It is important to mention that participants can only achieve one ace pigeon among the ace pigeons!

For more details about the championships of Samenspel Hageland, click here.

Naam schrijver: Buelens, Geert