The variable weather of the past days and weeks has impacted the start of the season!

The unpredictable weather of the past days and weeks has certainly influenced the start of the new pigeon racing season. Many enthusiasts are contemplating delaying the season’s start until next weekend, hopefully with better weather. Others are considering beginning in early April, even though it’s still March. The time change on Saturday and the hope for spring-like and sunny days play a role in these decisions.

Remarkably, only about 35 pigeons have been entered by three fanciers. Nevertheless, these fanciers have embarked on the new season with confidence, aiming to collectively secure victory from Momignies. You can follow the arrivals live on our website at

Even though some fanciers didn’t have pigeons with them, their presence created a pleasant atmosphere in the clubhouse. The board appreciates that the members approve of the new board’s functioning. After all, a pigeon club is a place where enthusiasts come together to discuss pigeons and life—the way it is in the pigeon loft!

Keep an eye on our website, as the program booklet will be available soon. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us via


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