First flight of the new season postponed to Sunday.

The weather remains unpredictable, with variable conditions that have delayed the pigeon release in Momignies until Sunday. Although Sunday also promises to be changeable, it might be possible to release the pigeons in Momignies in the morning. However, from the afternoon, the cloud cover will increase again and the chance of precipitation is quite large.

For the coming week, the weather gods seem unfavorable. A lot of cloud cover and rain are predicted. Also for next week Saturday, April 6, it does not look rosy. The changeable weather and the cold wind are annual phenomena at the start of the season.

Despite these challenges, pigeon lovers are longing for some fun and entertainment with their winged friends. Some are already dreaming of first prizes! However, we will all have to wait for better weather. Let the sun come…

Naam schrijver: Buelens, Geert