First result of the new seasson 2024 online!

Johnny Beynaerts from Rillaar has distinguished himself as the first winner of the 2024 season. He and his pigeons have excellently handled the transition from winter to summer time. Although he could have clocked earlier, his first four pigeons - three males and a female - chose to first play on the landing board and fly around a bit before they entered the loft. As Johnny himself says, who doesn’t want to have fun?

Click here to view the first result of the 2024 season.

It was quite a shock when we saw the registrations where the pigeons flew 0 meters per minute, while the later clocked pigeons suddenly shot through the air at 2600 meters per minute like rockets? When looking at the registrations, the transition to summer time seems to play a role here. This raises the question of when we will finally stop changing the time?

Enthusiasts with a PAS clock or other cloud clock, however, seem to have no problem with this because their clock is automatically adjusted to summer time via the cloud. After all, registrations are just registrations and this first flight does not count either. The real start of the season, as many enthusiasts say, is the first Saturday in April.

We were very curious about the results that would come out of the computer. Some enthusiasts told us that their clocks were behaving strangely. Although for some, the Duvel might be the cause.

When making the results, everything seems to be in order at first glance. Enthusiasts let us know that the meters per minute on the result seem correct. But when we look further in detail at the arrival times, we see a difference of about two minutes. The enthusiasts are now convinced that the DUVEL is not the cause! We see that there is a difference at the 1 hour mark and probably there is a progression of about 2 minutes (correction for clock progression).

We have forwarded all data to BRICON and Datatechnology. Fortunately, there were no PAS users in the competition yet, otherwise they could have been disadvantaged. Or are we seeing this wrong? Technology remains fascinating and if the time is no longer adjusted, this problem is also solved.

Naam schrijver: Buelens, Geert