Members remain loyal to their club despite a turbulent winter

For Saturday, April 13, 426 pigeons were registered for Momignies via the internet. All participants chose Momignies, while Soissons was ignored. Eventually, more than 500 old pigeons were caged in Scherpenheuvel, of which 496 participated in the race from Momignies.

However, there were some problems. The PAS masters of BRICON fell out and could not be restarted immediately, resulting in a delay of 30 to 45 minutes at the caging. These problems were not limited to Scherpenheuvel; there were also problems with the caging in other places, or people had to wait until Sunday before the results could be made. Technology is beautiful…

Despite these challenges, the helpers, and especially the cagers, deserve praise for their attempts to remain calm under these circumstances. It is understandable that many enthusiasts do not understand why something does not work, but that is the nature of technology: sometimes things can go wrong.

It would be useful if the KBDB had a support page where manufacturers could post information. In this way, everyone can see what is going on, which would make it much easier for the locals and helpers. In the past, you had to have a diploma as a regulator to regulate and print clocks, nowadays everyone is allowed to operate an EC installation. But when problems arise, it becomes complex.

In Scherpenheuvel, they look back satisfied on the past weekend. It had been a while since almost 500 old pigeons were caged for one flight. This high number of pigeons was due to the fact that all enthusiasts had dropped out for the flight from Soissons. No less than 24 pigeons were set to 2.50€ in the miezen on the flight from Momignies and about half of the participants chose to participate in the bonflights, resulting in more money on the results. The other half chose for return port fees.

Despite the grumbling among the members of Scherpenheuvel and the question of whether this is still a fair pigeon sport because their chances of classifying themselves in the championships have become significantly smaller, they remain loyal to their club. This is appreciated by the board. Despite the problems, more than 500 pigeons were caged and they could leave for Momignies, ready for the second race of the season that counts for the championships.

Thanks to the beautiful weather, the 496 pigeons could be released in Momignies at 9:15. The pigeons achieved high speeds and it was Tim Van Roy who clocked the fastest pigeon at 10:18.24. He achieved the victory with a speed of 1882.7129m/m and thereby defeated his neighbor Gommaire Verbruggen. Tim also had the fastest pigeon of more than 2000 pigeons that were caged in Sector 2! A performance he can be proud of and that he can share with colleagues, pigeon lovers, friends, and family.

For next week, colder and more changeable weather is predicted. A number of pigeons will still be caged on Soissons, or some may choose Momignies again, depending on the predicted weather.

Naam schrijver: Witte, Geschelpte