Championchips 2024

Here are the latest standings of our championships for old pigeons’ small and large speed, along with the ace pigeons after the flights of April 27th.

Championship small speed old pigeons

In the championship of old pigeons’ small speed, we have seen varying positions in the past few weeks. After the flight from Momignies on April 27th, Louis Verheyen has taken the lead with 22 points. In second place is Geert Beken with 20 points and Willy Nolmans is in third place with 18 points. Leon Vrancken currently has the best pigeon at Momignies among the old pigeons with 3 prizes and a coefficient of 13.4504.

Championship large speed old pigeons

The first interim standings of the championship large speed old pigeons is now online after 2 competitions. In this championship, Georges De Keyser from Messelbroek is currently leading with 11 points. In second place is Louis Verheyen with 9 points and in third place is Gommaite Verbruggen with 8 points. The 6 best pigeons from Soissons old pigeons can be found back in the lofts of Gommaire Verbruggen with 2 out of 2.

This championship is now well underway and promises to be exciting in the coming weeks!
Click here for the most recent interim standings of the 2024 championships!!"

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