Geert Beken Excels with Male Pigeons in First Race from Momignies

On Saturday, April 27, Geert Beken, who specializes in playing with the male pigeons, once again proved his craftsmanship. In the first flight of the season with the male pigeons, Beken managed to achieve a victory from Momignies, where he competed against 217 old pigeons.

Beken is known for his strategic approach and does not hastily participate in competitions with his male pigeons. He usually waits until the weather conditions are more favorable, as he wants to win prizes with his male pigeons. On Friday, April 26, the male pigeons were basketed for the first time for the flight from Momignies. Geert was cautiously optimistic, given the improved conditions in the weather and the good form of his male pigeons.

The confidence in his male pigeons was present, although there is always a certain tension at the first competition of the season. Geert prepared everything in his loft and was ready to wait for the arrival of his pigeons. To his surprise, the first pigeon he saw was not from his neighbor, but his own “70”, which dove out of the sky and landed on the loft within a very short time.

The “70” achieved a speed of 1478.91 m/m and was clocked at 13:29 hours. This turned out to be an early arrival, which brought relief to Geert and his father. As the results came in, it became clear that this could possibly yield the first prize.

When the clocks were read out at 18:00 hours, it turned out that Geert’s “70” had indeed won the first prize against 217 old pigeons. “The 70” (2066470) is a son from the breeding pair and a half-brother of the ace pigeon Soissons of 2023.

The widowers are coupled around February 20 and are allowed to breed until March 15, after which they are put on widowhood. The training of the pigeons starts as soon as the weather permits, although Geert has been cautious with his male pigeons due to the cool spring and unfavorable weather conditions at the start of the 2024 season.

This choice has paid off as Geert clocked the first prize against 217 old pigeons and the first prize in Samenspel Hageland against 504 old pigeons. In the registrations of Flemish Brabant sector 2, the “70” was the 20th arrival against more than 1700 old pigeons. Speaking of a nice season start for the male pigeons at the Beken house.

Geert Beken’s successful start of the season with his male pigeons shows that his expertise and thoughtful approach bear fruit. We are already looking forward to the continuation of the season and the performances of the male pigeons at Geert Beken.

Naam schrijver: Buelens, Geert