Berghmans Leo achieves 5 out of 5 on the flight from Momignies

Leo Berghmans, a versatile man from Scherpenheuvel, is not only an avid fisherman, but also a passionate pigeon enthusiast. His dedication to his hobbies is admirable, but it is his role as a pigeon handler that truly sets him apart. Members of the pigeon club unanimously praise the way Leo handles their pigeons, a task he performs with great care and precision in Scherpenheuvel.

Last Saturday, during a competition from Momignies, Leo showed his true class. Of the five pigeons that Leo had entered, they all won prizes - an impressive achievement of 100%. Prize, strong work against 217 entered old pigeons. By the time the 40th prize was awarded, all five pigeons entered by Leo were neatly on the result.

But Leo’s success is not limited to his own lofts. Several other pigeon enthusiasts have also achieved beautiful results with pigeons from Berghmans. This does mean that there is class in the lofts at Leo Berghmans, it’s as simple as that…

Naam schrijver: Witte, Geschelpte