Weather in France not favorable for the pigeons.

The weather is an unpredictable partner in pigeon racing. Last Wednesday, it was a gracious partner, with a radiant sun and pleasant temperatures of 25 degrees and locally even more. But the weather can also make an abrupt turn. The temperatures dropped, the cloud cover increased and the rain made its entrance.

Pigeon enthusiasts are like meteorologists, always alert to the weather forecasts on their PC, they follow various radar images closely. It was already clear at the time of basketing that the flights from France would be a challenge to be able to release the pigeons.

The Belgian flights were released on Saturday, but for Flemish Brabant sector 2 from Soissons, the weather initially seemed favorable. However, the guides waited with the release and the weather deteriorated, first with light rain and then with persistent rain in Soissons. Meanwhile, Antwerp and Walloon Brabant had already postponed the release until Sunday!

Yet there are various questions from enthusiasts about the release information on the KBDB website. The information from Flemish Brabant has not been updated since 6:39, have the pigeons been released? Of course not, it clearly says WAITING! And what is the weather like in Soissons, some wonder? Drizzle or cloudy with good visibility? We asked around and some tell us that the rain is in Walloon Brabant and not in Soissons. But we assume that it would say postponed due to bad weather on the flight line? Despite the uncertainty, they will have the best interests of our pigeons at heart. Meanwhile, while writing this article, we also see that Flemish Brabant has postponed the release until Sunday.

In Sermaises, the verdict had already been reached before noon to postpone the release of the pigeons until Sunday, as the weather there had already worsened in the morning! So, we have pigeon races on Sunday in Flemish Brabant again… And then just hope that the weather is favorable for our pigeons!

Naam schrijver: Witte, Geschelpte