An impressive start to the 2024 season for Asselberghs Lucienne (Gust)

The 2024 pigeon season has started with a bang for Asselberghs Lucienne, better known as Gust, from Aarschot. His old pigeons have delivered an impressive performance from Momignies. Locally, against 94 old pigeons, they managed to win the first 5 prizes and 11 of his 19 basketed pigeons ended up in the prizes. A promising start to the season.

In the Samenspel Hageland, Asselberghs also made an impression. Against 276 old pigeons, they won the 3rd and 4th prize and managed to clock no less than 5 pigeons in the top 8 of the result! Of the 19 basketed pigeons, 16 ended up in the prizes. This marks a strong start to the 2024 season for Asselberghs.

Expectations for the further course of the season are high. Everyone is looking forward to the performances of Gust and his pigeons. However, Gust is well aware that it will be a challenge to maintain this high level. But as Gust himself says: “I will do my best together with my pigeons to be back next week!”

It is clear that Gust and his pigeons form a team to keep an eye on in the 2024 season. We look forward to their future performances and wish them much success.

Naam schrijver: Buelens, Geert