Patrick Rubbens takes the victory from Soissons against 234 old pigeons

Patrick Rubbens, hailing from Tielt-Winge in Flemish Brabant, has already claimed the first victory of the 2024 season after participating in just two races.

The First Flights of the Season

Last week, Patrick entered for the first flight of the season from Momignies. This flight was mainly aimed at preparing the old pigeons for what is yet to come this season. Last Friday, Patrick entered 16 old pigeons for the flight from Soissons. These pigeons had to compete against 234 other old pigeons.

Postponement of the Flight from Soissons

Due to the changeable weather at the release site, the release of the pigeons was postponed to Sunday, when better weather was expected. On Sunday, it was a wait until 10:10 for the pigeons from sector 2 before they could be released in Soissons.

The Pigeon 2096257-22: The Fastest of 648 Pigeons

At 12:18, two pigeons arrived at the lofts on Miskruisstraat. Ultimately, it was the pigeon 209625722 that could be clocked first at 12:18.40. This pigeon achieved a speed of 1574.5959 m/m. With this, this pigeon was two seconds faster than the pigeon 205530223, which could be clocked at 12:18.42. This resulted in the first and second prize against 234 old pigeons that were entered in Scherpenheuvel. Also in the Samenspel Hageland, this is good for the first and second prize against 648 old pigeons! Both locally and in the Samenspel Hageland, Patrick clocked 11 pigeons of the 16 entered pigeons in the prizes.

Registrations Flemish Brabant Sector 2

In Flemish Brabant sector 2, 2027 old pigeons were entered, and there too Patrick clocks early pigeons against the strong competition!

The Pedigree of the Winner

The father of the winning pigeon 209625722, who took the victory in Scherpenheuvel and Samenspel Hageland, is one of Patrick’s best flyers. He was not for nothing called ‘The Beast’. He descends from the ‘Ace Four’ of Schaerlaeckens and from the half-brother ‘Blauwe Jef’ of Robert Verheyden. The mother is a pigeon from Patricia Verhaegen from the Zamboester, who in turn is a son of Miss Rapido (3rd national ace pigeon Half fond). Click here to view the pedigree of the winner.

The Preparation of the Season

Patrick started this year with 16 widowers and this Soissons is their second flight. Last week on Momignies was actually very bad, Patrick tells us, but then they were only just on widowhood. This year he did not breed early and the widowers were only allowed to brood for 10 days.

The Origin of the Pigeons

Patrick’s pigeons descend from pigeons from among others Ad Schaerlaeckens and Robert Verheyden. In recent years, some have been added from Patricia Verhaegen and last year a male from Patrick Vervloesem Rijmenam, as well as a granddaughter of Paulien from Albert Derwa. Also another little pigeon from the line of the Abel from Steve Smits and from Laevers Rillaar. If you look at the origin of these pigeons in Patrick’s lofts, you know that there is class in the lofts at Rubbens’ house.

The Feeding

As for feeding, Patrick keeps it very simple. He gives the simplest mixture of Vanrobayes and some by-products of Comed and Schroeder. Feeding pigeons does not have to be complicated to perform strongly, Patrick proves that here. Patrick also does not exaggerate with giving by-products.

In the coming weeks, we will certainly come across the name Patrick Rubbens on the results in Scherpenheuvel and other doubles!

Naam schrijver: Buelens, Geert