2087395-2021 wins against 94 old pigeons in club Scherpenheuvel

Last weekend, Asselberghs Lucienne, better known as Gust, won the first prize from Momignies against 94 old pigeons locally and achieved no less than 5 prizes in the top 8 against 276 old pigeons in the Samenspel Hageland. This marks a nice start to the 2024 season, as this was the first flight that Asselberghs Lucienne participated in this season.

Gust manages a pigeon colony consisting of 12 breeding pairs, 20 widowers, and about fifty young pigeons. He follows a unique strategy where he never breeds early. The breeders and widowers are paired at the beginning of February, and some breeding pairs are even allowed to breed an extra round.

A crucial aspect of Gust’s success is his loyal partner, Lucienne. She is his great support and confidant and takes care of cleaning the lofts daily. Her dedication and hard work undoubtedly contribute to the strong performance of the pigeons.

Gust’s pigeons are mainly descendants of the lofts of M. Voets, Menten, Imbrechts, and E. Branders. These renowned names in the pigeon world have contributed to the successes of Asselberghs Lucienne and the strong annual performances they achieve.

This victory in Momignies is just the beginning for Gust and Lucienne. With their dedication, hard work, and love for the pigeons, there is no doubt that many more victories lie ahead. The pigeon world is looking forward to their future successes.

It was the pigeon 2087395-2021 that was clocked first and achieved the victory against 94 old pigeons in the local of Scherpenheuvel. In the Samenspel Hageland, this is good for 3rd place against 276 old pigeons.

We are already looking forward to the continuation of the season and the performances of Asselberghs Lucienne!

Naam schrijver: Buelens, Geert