Leon Vrancken Takes the Lead in the SUPERSTAR OUDE DUIVEN Competition

We are excited to share the latest standings of our SUPERSTAR OUDE DUIVEN competition, after the flights up to and including May 11.

Leon Vrancken from Scherpenheuvel has claimed the lead in the interim standings of the SUPERSTAR OUDE DUIVEN competition! Along with the top three, he has 5 prizes and has a coefficient of 40.0776 with which he manages to keep Louis Verheyen and Willy Nolmans behind him in the standings!

It is clear that the start of the 2024 season is dominated by Leon Vrancken from Scherpenheuvel, but one thing is certain: the competition is not yet out of the race and it promises to be an exciting competition among the old pigeons! Follow this competition closely via our website or our Facebook page. We look forward to the rest of the season and wish all participants good luck!

Naam schrijver: Buelens, Geert