Vrancken Leon: has no less than seven first prizes in Scherpenheuvel!

Scherpenheuvel, Belgium - In the pigeon racing world of Scherpenheuvel, Leon Vrancken is a well-known name. The passionate pigeon fancier has been achieving top results for years, especially in the sprint and middle-distance races.

Vrancken selects his pigeons rigorously and participates in the races in Scherpenheuvel with a relatively small team. However, what he lacks in quantity, he more than makes up for in quality. Vrancken's pigeons are known for their speed and Leon annually wins numerous first prizes in Scherpenheuvel! Anyone in Scherpenheuvel and the surrounding area who can catch Leon with his pigeons is sure to have early pigeons in their clock.

The 2024 pigeon racing season has only just begun, but Vrancken has already made his mark. He has won no fewer than 7 of the 24 first prizes at local level, which is a third of all the victories that have been distributed in Scherpenheuvel!

This achievement is all the more remarkable considering the strong competition in the region. Vrancken's pigeons show real class and confirm his reputation as a top pigeon fancier.

In addition to his performances in the local races, Leon also wants to shine in the various results and championships of the Samenspelen. Leon regrets that his pigeons are excluded from the Samenspelen 6-Verbond and Demer & Dijle so it is very difficult for him to classify for the provincial and national championships. Leon is clear in his position that these are NOT fair championships! Leon does hope that the Flemish Brabant officials will keep their word and that from next season there will be a compulsory sectoral result in which no pigeons can be excluded, only then will the championships be played fairly, according to Leon.

The key to Vrancken's success

What is the secret behind Vrancken's successful pigeons? In addition to a sharp selection and optimal care, Vrancken attaches great importance to the motivation of his pigeons. He creates a pleasant living environment for his animals and strives for an optimal bond with his pigeons. Motivation of the pigeons is a very important key to success in the Vrancken household, together with a strict selection of his pigeons. Leon proves that you don't have to participate with a large basket to be successful in pigeon racing, this is also possible if you participate with a small basket of pigeons!

A pigeon fancier with ambition

Vrancken is determined to continue his success and push the boundaries of pigeon racing. He is always looking for ways to improve his pigeons and strives to perform at the highest level. For example, Leon has already confided in the winter that he also wants to try his luck on the longer distances such as the ½ fond and national races. It will be a challenge, but Leon wants to take his chance and compete against the strong competition in Scherpenheuvel!

Leon has made a brilliant start to the 2024 pigeon season, already claiming an impressive 7 victories, making him the undisputed king of Scherpenheuvel!

One of his highlights was the performance of yearling pigeon 2021629-23. In Momignies, this pigeon achieved a masterful victory against 90 basketed old pigeons. In the Samenspel Hageland, this result was good enough for first place against 207 basketed old pigeons.

In another impressive feat, Leon's yearling pigeon 2021603-23 claimed victory in Soissons against 168 basketed pigeons. This remarkable result was further extended in the Samenspel Hageland, where the pigeon secured first place against a formidable 503 basketed old pigeons.

On the registration list of sector 2, this exceptional pigeon stood out as the 16th registered pigeon out of an impressive 2,064 basketed old pigeons.


His performances in 2024 show that he is determined to shine with his pigeons in 2024 as well and the competition will have to take Leon into account. Also, the fanciers of the ½ fond and heavy ½ fond can expect an extra competitor in the coming weeks and months!

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