Weather and uncertainty: pigeon fanciers hope for better weather.

The weather and nature are unpredictable factors that have a major impact on pigeon racing. Like every weekend, we look forward to the weather forecasts with anticipation, hoping for favorable conditions for our feathered friends. Unfortunately, the forecasts for this weekend do not look favorable, especially above Belgium where cloudiness and fog limit visibility.

Despite the unfavorable predictions, there is still a glimmer of hope. The sun is making a brave attempt to dispel the fog and perhaps the sky will clear by Saturday afternoon. In anticipation of this favorable turn, the guides of the shorter flights wait with the release until the weather in Belgium and at the release sites improves.

The role of release manager is certainly no sinecure. Comparable to a referee in football, there is a heavy responsibility on their shoulders. In pigeon racing, they have more time to decide whether or not to let the pigeons fly, but the risk always remains. Failures quickly lead to grumbling among the enthusiasts, while a flawless process is taken for granted. Moreover, it is a thankless task, because who wants to deal with all the criticism?

Despite the challenges, we hope that the pigeons that were already released today will find their way home smoothly. If everything goes smoothly this weekend, many pigeons could be basketed for the first national flight of the 2024 season. We are already looking forward to this first national competition of the season!

Let’s hope for favorable weather conditions and a successful flight for our pigeons!

Naam schrijver: Witte, Geschelpte